StormToBattle 1.2 – Released Today!

Today, the newest release of StormToBattle is here. It may have a major version release number, but this is due to the near rewrite of the games core. StormToBattle now performs much closer to as it should and as an added benefit now has a proper tutorial. Enjoy!

StormToBattle 1.1 and The Ultimate Buzzer (Pro) 4.5.3 just released!

Today marks the first major feature and design update to StormToBattle, including new themes and a new icon. Version 1.1 will be going live over the next few hours. Also The Ultimate Buzzer has received a new icon today and updated to redirect to the new website. Get Downloading!

StormToBattle Available December 1st!

The newest addition to the iOS App Store will be available December 1st. Dive deep in to this classic throwback to the greatest generation of video games and see how long you can survive. The world is at war and the enemy is sending rockets, tanks, and crazy trucks at you. Dodge and climb your […]

The new KevinMakens.com

Times are changing and it is time to phase in a new era of design and functionality within my brand. All development progress will be updated here as well as a few announcements in the near future about a new project and some revivals of old ones. Welcome to the new website.

The Ultimate Buzzer (Pro) 4.5.1 is Live!

Get Downloading!

The Ultimate Buzzer (Pro) 4.5 now supports iPhone X!

The update is rolling out now, get downloading!

The Ultimate Buzzer (Pro) 4.4 is Live!

Get Downloading!

The Ultimate Buzzer 4.3 is Live!

Get Downloading!

The Ultimate Buzzer (Pro) 4.2 is Live!

Get Downloading!

The Ultimate Buzzer (Pro) 4.1 is Live!

Sorry for the long delay since the last update. Get downloading!

The Ultimate Buzzer 4.0 is Live!

Get Downloading!

The Ultimate Buzzer Pro 4.0 is Live!

Free version coming soon, get downloading!

The Ultimate Buzzer (Pro) 3.12 is Live!

This update is a big one behind the scenes and contained a lot of improvements to prepare for 4.0. Change Log: – 2 More Sounds!– Performance Improvements– Bug Fixes

The Ultimate Buzzer 3.11 is Live!

Get Downloading!

The Ultimate Buzzer Pro 3.11 is Live!

Two more sounds! Please note: Due to confusion with how the ads work inside the app, the free version was rejected and will be updated as soon as it is approved.

The Ultimate Buzzer (Live) 3.10 is Live!

Two more sounds for each. Version 4.0 is coming soon.

The Ultimate Buzzer (Pro) 3.8 is now Live! Finally!

This update took a while, but with two more sounds, it is finally live for all of you to download now.

Quick Tweeter 1.8 is Live!

Another iOS 8 update, Mega Paddle Ball is next.

The Ultimate Buzzer (Pro) iOS 8 update is Live!

Get downloading now with iOS 8 and iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus support.

The Ultimate Buzzer (Pro) 3.7 is Live!

The iOS 8 version is coming soon, till then get downloading!

Mega Paddle Ball

A new game by me, a classic game of two players sending a ball in the direction of the other hoping to win. This game is a warm up for much better things to come so get ready. Get Downloading!

The Ultimate Buzzer (Pro) 3.6 is Live!

More Sounds! More Fun! Some minor UI changes, Get Downloading!